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Bagpiper Stein


The Bagpiper Stein stands 9 inches tall and is crafted in China. The Bagpiper belongs in every home bar , mancave and pub.

Bike Jersey


All of our cyclist friends asked us to create a bike jersey featuring their favorite beer- Saranac!  Our red nylon jersey features a zip collar and back pockets,just what a cyclist needs to keep cool. 

Bride and Groom Steins


 Just in time for wedding season! The Bride & Groom steins make unique gifts for the happy couple who enjoy Saranac Craft Beer.

The Bride is 6 inches tall and the Groom is 7 inches tall. Crafted in China, each stein is $49.95 or purchase as a set for $89.

Saranac Frisbee


This professional style 117 gram Saranac flyer is perfect for the beach or the park. FDA compliant and safe for food contact and children. Diameter is 9 5/8 inches. Glows in the Dark!