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Bagpiper Stein


The Bagpiper Stein stands 9 inches tall and is crafted in China. The Bagpiper belongs in every home bar , mancave and pub.

Beer Tote


Our new insulated neoprene 6 pack carrier is great to keep your Saranac beer  cold on the way to a party, camping or Saranac tasting! Six pack carrier fits 12 oz and 22 oz bottles and cans, with plenty of room for an ice pack.

Bike Jersey


All of our cyclist friends asked us to create a bike jersey featuring their favorite beer- Saranac!  Our red nylon jersey features a zip collar and back pockets,just what a cyclist needs to keep cool. 

Bride and Groom Steins


 Just in time for wedding season! The Bride & Groom steins make unique gifts for the happy couple who enjoy Saranac Craft Beer.

The Bride is 6 inches tall and the Groom is 7 inches tall. Crafted in China, each stein is $49.95 or purchase as a set for $89.

FX Matt Brewery T-Shirt


A classic grey heather short sleeve shirt for workouts or layering.  Full front navy blue silk screen features the year FX Matt Brewery was founded. A hometown favorite!  Sizes: S-XXL, $18.95 each.

Saranac Frisbee


This professional style 117 gram Saranac flyer is perfect for the beach or the park. FDA compliant and safe for food contact and children. Diameter is 9 5/8 inches. Glows in the Dark!